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Holy Family

November 7, 2010

I was shopping last week for a set of cups my mom requested. As I was walking around the store, I noticed something different was in the air:

Christmas has arrived with decorations of Christmas trees, its branches covered with faux snow, be-dazzled with golden lights like Broadway, with jolly plump cherubims who seems to be continually fed a diet of twinkies hanging on the tips.

And then there it was. The Holy Family, nestled next to the cross of redemption. How beautiful and lovely for starved eyes since Easter.

Tomorrow (Sunday November 7, 2010), Pope Benedict XVI will bless the Sagrada Família as a basilica in Barcelona, Spain. This will be an awesome moment because Antoni Gaudi, the architect who died in 1926 (hit by a tram), left the work incomplete. Thankfully, he left behind sketches and designs for future architects who as of now are laboriously continuing his work. Hopefully, and I pray, the estimated finish of Sagrada Família will be in 2025 — not that far off!

I’ve been fascinated with Antoni Gaudi (my favorite architect) since high school, discovering his work in photographs in a magazine. The buildings Gaudi created have this organic quality. They have a fluid to them, a natural balance, as if held not by innate iron, but by the Holy Spirit.  Something not found in any architecture I’ve seen except that of Frank Lloyd Wright (my second favorite architect).

The spectacular Nativity scene:












Further reading:

First Mass in the Sagrada Família: The Pope Beatifies Gaudí

Watch recorded/live feed of Pope Benedict’s XVI Spain Visit:

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